Jess Scutella, a Erie, Penna native, studies and works in a range of artistic outlets with the goal to produce high quality, unique, and calculated devices of expression; be it professional tattooing, musical production and showmanship, or literary collections. Currently, Mr. Scutella works and studies full time in the Southside of Pittsburgh at Kyklops Tattoo, and also guests in Leeds, UK twice a year at Snake & Tiger Tattoo.

Tattooing is one of the oldest artistic instincts of mankind, and contemporarily is one of the most vibrant forms of self-expression. Those who choose to augment their skins with designs, classic or new, have always rightfully searched for the proper craftsmen to execute the piece with the precision of the masters of this ancient artform. It is with this knowledge, and student mentality, that Mr. Scutella took up tattooing with in March of 2014.

In his studies, Mr. Scutella became obsessed with the aesthetics of classic American tattooing of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. Further, he found himself relating to the influence of Japanese work; that being both ancient Japanese woodblock paintings to contemporary anime motifs. Overall, there are giants with shoulders too high to stand on in the world of tattooing, and with that Mr. Scutella studies everyday looking to better his craft, his understanding of it, and the overall environment that tattooing is in. That is why Mr. Scutella will ceaselessly strive to provide to you a well-studied, professionally designed, clean and proper tattoo experience that the masters of the craft would deem worthy.

Now, Mr. Scutella is grateful to call tattooing his profession, but his ambitions do not settle there. A Masters graduate in Business from the Penn State and a career in the music industry has allowed him to further express himself through additional routes. He prefers writing in the canon of short stories, poems, and novellas, and his works, Master Summer, I Am Laughable Night, and The Routines, will be available on a multitude of platforms soon. Further, Mr. Scutella has been a professional studio drummer since 2010, touring and recording around the United States. He has worked with an array of musicians in many different genres, recording with artists like Brooke Ashley SurgenerTyler Addison James, and more in some of the most respected studios in the U.S., like the Cutting Room in New York City. His two individually published collections of published poems, “Reflections From Waterford’s Woods” and "The Heat of High Noon", can be purchased from his store now.

All of these forms of expression are the conduits to Mr. Scutella’s pursuit of happiness. If you have any questions about tattooing, writing, or music, please feel free to contact him via email or social media through the contacts page.