A Blooming Valley

Sunshine in the shadows
Invulnerable, am I, to the adversity
Impossible, am I, to dispirit
Can do no harm
Sunshine in the shadows
Surrender, I won”t, to torment
Oppress, I won”t, the joyousness
Brings only ecstasy
Sunshine in the shadows
Adds beauty to life
Sunshine in the shadows
Give me hope


Into the House

I will give up those I call friend,
happily never to be seen again.
And throughout the night I’ll sing to leaves,
erasing my past opinions and written beliefs
to find something undeniable and entirely done.
For what will I teach my son?

Now, have I become the man that I hated once,
or is the graveyard speaking out to me?
Can I find explanation for the unable ones,
or is their dizzy story written impossibly?

As I felt my way through the night,
I heard the voices from the dirt
and saw the eyes in the dark,
and I knew they saw me too.
I was meant for greater things,
but no god told the others who.


Master Summer

Sing To Myself
I celebrate myself, and sing myself,
But I am not everything I could be,
For this summer has just been born and I desire much.

If the sun sets,
Before I can pick at every spear of summer grass,
Then I have failed.

I change my name to dirt,
And I have found myself under your nails,
But still, I am too far away from where I want to be.